{ to do }

Man, oh man. I love making to do lists! Checking off my accomplishments gives me such fulfillment and a sense of achievement. We Type A's love that kind of thing! I decided I should look past just what I want to do on a particular day and make a Fall to do list! Here it goes:

1. Set up a work area/office

2. Paint some artwork for my Etsy store

3. Buy some fun new lip colors

4. Knit a chunky circle scarf

5. Bring something (actually) homemade for Thanksgiving

6. Make lobster pot pie (recipe here)

7. Get my hair colored (cheating bc I've already planned that)

8. Bake a full on three tiered cake (maybe like this)

9. Buy a pretty, vintage cake stand for said cake (ala)

10. Take a (mini) vacation...yeah right...a girl can dream