{ dear weekend }

This weekend I got to eat at two of my fave spots in Greensboro. Carolina Deli
is perfect for people who want authentic NY Deli food. Yum Yum! I got to hit up
Village Tavern too. I think Village Tavern was every law students
favorite place. I mean those homemade chips. Recognize.

Dr. Brown's Black Cherry Soda @ Carolina Deli

Old School Soda bottles are pretty decoration and conveniently within arm's reach

homemade chips + mom's fried egg BLT...perfect brunch

Don't care that it was hot. I had my taste of Fall weather and I'm not putting
the scarves away.

I made some new earrings and tried out some new designs. So fun.

Have you visited my Etsy store yet?

How was your weekend?


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