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In the 6th grade, my outfit would consist of thigh high stockings and plaid everything and there's only one thing to blame, the movie Clueless. I'm pretty sure that was every 6th grade girl's uniform since that's pretty much all you could buy at Limited Too. I loved Cher as much as the next tween but I must say my favorite character was Dionne. How gorgeous is Stacey Dash? Can you believe she was 30 years old during filming? Flawless! But more importantly, look at those clothes! I miss the 90s.


Fortunately (or unfortunately for those of you reading this), my girl crush doesn't end there. This summer the new show Single Ladies premiered on Vh1. Guess who one of the main actresses is? Stacey Dash! She's back and just as beautiful and stylish as ever! I watch the show almost exclusively for her wardrobe even though the writing is pretty good. Get this, her stylist is Project Runway Season 7 contestant, Anthony L. Williams! He actually makes or alters several of her character's outfits. He's ensured that almost 20 years after I fell in style love with Stacey, I still want to dress like her!

Single Ladies

my favorite outfit of the season!

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