{ down low }

My apartment is looking really sad right about now. All the walls are bare except for by my front door where I hung a piece of art I painted. No, no, no, it's not because I don't think any other art can hold a candle to my own. I just haven't found anything that fits yet. Then I stumbled upon the tour of jewelry designer Maryam Keyhani's home in House & Home magazine. Look how she displays her art?!?! So wacky and GENIUS! I never thought to just stand my art on the floor. I mean it's easy to interchange and it leaves out the necessary evil of bashing a trillion holes in your wall trying to hang your art at eye level. And how beautiful is that dress hanging on the large canvas? Part of what makes it work is the uniformity in the color. All the pictures are black and white or sepia tones. I'm looking at decorating in a whole new way and it's very exciting :)