ASOS heritage check slim pant, Zara shirt (old), ASOS belted coat, Steve Madden Daisie pumps

I was just reminiscing the other day about how I held onto my white Blackberry for years and refused to get an iPhone for a very long time. Of course I can’t even imagine my life without my phone. I recently upgraded my phone and I realized that although I keep a ton of apps on my phone, there are a few I had to immediately add. I thought I’d share my must-have apps with you. From helping me blog more efficiently to making me more organized, these are my go-to apps:

Lightroom: I downloaded this app so that I could use my Chasing Denisse Presets (available here). I downloaded the free app and it has all I need to use the presets!

VSCO: This is my go-to photo editing app when I need a different filter from my Chasing Denisse Presets or if I want to filter my videos.

Facetune: The perfect app to remove people and random objects from the background of my photos. I shared a story on Instagram highlighting how I remove people from the background of my pictures using Facetune. Check it out under the “blog + biz” highlight!

Planoly: This is where I plan out my Instagram feed! I do not subscribe to a particular “theme” for my IG feed but I like to upload photos in this app to show me what I’ve been posting and what I plan to post in the future. It kind of reminds me what I have in my pipeline to post on IG. You can even schedule posts and it alerts you to post them!

Unfold: I use this app to create instagram story posts when I don’t have time to do it in photoshop!

IGTV: I just uploaded my first IGTV video sharing the BTS of our Paris engagement shoot. I plan to post more videos in the future so this is a must!

TurboScan: My fiancé put me onto this app. I have to constantly scan contracts and other documents so I use this everyday! It lets you scan documents using your phone camera and converts the images into .pdf. You can email it to yourself with one click!

Prime Video: Where else can I watch old episodes of The Hills and A Different World on the go?

Whole Foods: So I can get that Amazon Prime discount at checkout! Mmmkay?

Camera Connect: A couple years ago we got the Canon EOS rebel t6i. I had been using the T5 since 2011! The T6i has one big upgrade, WIFI!!! With the Camera Connect app I can immediately send images to my phone. I am bad with keeping up with my memory card so this has made editing photos for Instagram and the blog way easier.

MyFitnessPal: Where I track all my calories and workouts. I have a group with a couple of my bridesmaids and now it is second nature to track everything which is what I have to do to stay on track.

Postmates: Because sometimes I’m just real lazy and real hungry.


Those are my go-to apps! What are your’s?