Hey Guys! Happy Wednesday :) I’m back with another “Wedding Wednesday” post! Today I wanted to share how I asked my bridesmaids to be in our wedding! I decided to ask my friends at our engagement party last year. I knew they would all be in attendance and I wanted to ask them all in person. There were so many examples online (thank you, Pinterest) which is great but it can also be a bit overwhelming! Once I picked a color and theme, it all came together quickly. I can’t wait to share where I purchased everything and why I picked each item. Let’s get started!


Personalized Bridesmaid Box (Etsy) - I stumbled on these boxes on Etsy pretty soon after we got engaged. I wasn’t sure what I was going to put in the boxes but I loved that they were personalized and neutral with the gold touch (similar to our wedding vibe). I also liked how sturdy the boxes were (in the event the girls wanted to keep and reuse them) I messaged the seller first to confirm that I would get them in time for the party and she was very responsive. Production and shipping was super fast but make sure you reach out to confirm they will be ready and there are no delays expected. Even if I didn’t use them for the bridesmaid invite, I knew I could use them for the bridesmaid gifts closer to the wedding.


Champagne Gummy Bears (Sugarfina) - The best candy in all the land! When it comes to candy, I am strictly a chocolate girl. I rarely like sour or fruity candy. However these dummies are the one exception. This is one of my favorite sweet treats of all time. I immediately knew I wanted to include them in the boxes. The champagne flavor is appropriate for a wedding don’t you think? I also was pretty settled on filling the boxes with food items since I’m greedy and my friends would expect nothing less! You can find these anywhere (Nordstrom, Bergdorf’s, Paper Source, Sugarfina stores, etc.) or order online. They can sell out pretty quickly though! I ended up having to get mine from Sur La Table.

Red Velvet Signature Bar & Classic Pink Vanilla Cotton Candy (Lolli & Pops) - I was recently introduced to Lolli & Pops when they opened a store at the Streets at South Point. It’s the cutest store ever and they have some really unique, yummy sweets. I try to stay away from them but I knew they were the perfect place to grab some cute, edible things for the boxes. The Sugarfina gummies inspired me to go with an ultra-feminine, pink theme for the boxes. I wanted to add some other pink sweets. I think pink cotton candy is so whimsical and girly. Perfect for the boxes! Their pink cotton candy is also the classic vanilla flavor (the only good cotton candy flavor if you ask me). I initially wanted to get a small box of the Lolli & Pops’ strawberry truffles but they were sold out. They have quite the collection of candy bars so I scanned that section and immediately decided on the red velvet candy bars! The red velvet candy bars were so unique and in pink packaging so they were a great addition!


Pommery POP Rose (Total Wine) - Ok so these were SO expensive. I wanted to put mini champagne bottles in the boxes. One of my bridesmaids text me after she got home from the party and showed me a cute cocktail she made with the rose and cotton candy from the box! It was such a cute idea. Now back to the price. Initially I wanted to add the champagne bottles but wanted to tie in the color with the rest of the box. I looked on Etsy to see if I could find a label for the them, but it was too close to the party and they wouldn’t have been ready in time. I went with the Pommery Rose because it’s actually a really great rose and the bottles looked perfect in the boxes. If you want to go with mini champagne, order some labels from Etsy ASAP if you want to spend less and still tie in the color!

Ivory Shredded Paper, Medium Cellophane Bags & Gold Ribbon (Paper Source) - Once I found everything for the boxes, I knew I needed a couple more craft items. I needed something to put the cotton candy in because the tubs were too large for the boxes. I used the cellophane bags and tied them off with the gold ribbon. If you decide to do the same, you’ll only need one tub of cotton candy for two boxes. I had a few tubs leftover and cotton candy laying around is deadly! I used the shredded paper to fill the boxes. You can find these items at any craft store but I have an obsession with paper source so I usually go there first!


Simple Chic Bridesmaids Cards (Minted) - My absolute favorite part was the actual invite to be in the bridal party. I wanted the cards to be simple, chic and pink (of course!) But more importantly, I wanted the cards to be personalized and sentimental. Minted was the perfect option! You can pretty much customize the cards to say what you want. For instance, I was able to change one of them to said Made of Honor instead of Bridesmaid. We were even able to customize one for our flower girl! I was even to personalize the message on the inside. The best part was creating the collage of images inside. I’ve known these girls for so long and we’ve captured so many memories. I loved being able to include some of my favorite photos of us in the cards. It turned a simple card into a keepsake! I had used minted several times before (for my office gallery wall, for example) and they are always great to work with. Minted’s shipping is fast and the quality is always great. I highly recommend them for your cards.


That’s it for the boxes! Thank you for reading and I hope you found it helpful. I plan to write these Wedding Wednesday posts sporadically until the big day and maybe a few times after! Let me know if you have a topic you want me to cover.