Thank you all so much for your amazing response to our pictures I shared on Tuesday! Seriously. I, of course love the pictures, but I am so happy you guys love them, too! Today I’m sharing one of our favorite shoots from our engagement session. First of all, this apartment is everything. I found it here on One Fine Stay. I’ve used Airbnb a few times but for this trip, I really wanted us to have a nice apartment. I knew our apartment needed to be central to everything. Our apartment was amazing. You can tell from the pictures how gorgeous it was. There were two bedrooms and a den where two more people could sleep. It would be a great option for a group and it would end up being less expensive than booking three separate hotel rooms.

We walked a lot while we were there and everything was close to our apartment. Even when we took an Uber, we were only a 10 minute drive from everything. This was our first time using One Fine Stay and we were pleasantly surprised when our local One Fine Stay contact met us at the apartment and gave us a tour. They also left us some pretty amazing Parisian treats, which we all devoured within minutes of arriving. We are excited to use them again on our next trip. This is #notsponsored, by the way.

Before we left for Paris, I reached out to The Black Tux to pull some tuxedos for Michael to bring with him for our photos. We decided we wanted to use The Black Tux for our wedding but Michael had never used them before. I thought it would be the perfect chance for us to test out their rental process before we decided to use them for the wedding. The first thing I loved about The Black Tux was the easy ordering process and home try-on option for some of the tuxedos and suits. For as long as I can remember, men had to go in person to try on their tuxedos and place an order. I had to go a few times recently with Michael for groomsmen suits and it’s a pain sometimes. With The Black Tux, it’s convenient for everyone no matter where they live. When you’re on the go, the last thing you want to do is take a ton of time out of your day to visit a store.

Not going to lie, I was curious to see how the tuxedos would fit. I feel like with traditional rental options, they either fit way too big and swallow you or fit way too tight and are uncomfortable the entire wedding. When Michael tried on the first tuxedo I was surprised by how perfectly the pants fit him. I honestly thought they looked like custom fit pants and not like rentals he’s worn in the past. Everything from the bow ties, to shoes, to his shirt were packaged perfectly and were great quality. They also sent us a bottle of champagne before our package arrived which I thought was a nice touch! I’m a sucker for great service!

We are so excited to use The Black Tux for our wedding and we know that our groomsmen will have a seamless experience and great quality suiting!

Thanks to The Black Tux for sponsoring this post!

Photographer: Burroughs | Knight Photography