Aquazzura's Wild Thing shoes have been on the foot of every fashionista. It's no surprise that the shoe's popularity spawned various knockoffs of the shoe. Last week, Aquazzura filed a trade dress lawsuit alleging Trump copied "Nearly every detail of the plaintiff's well-known and coveted Wild Thing shoe, from the shape and the silhouette to the fringe covering the toes, to the tassel on the heel (is copied). Seeking the same success Aquazzura experienced but without having to put in the hard creative work, defendants resorted to knocking off plaintiff's popular designs." Aquazzura alleges that Ivanka stole the design of the Wild Thing shoe and used it to design her company's "Hettie" shoe. Trade dress lawsuits differ from copyright infringement cases as it focuses on the idenitifiable characteristics of a product or brand, and how closely consumers identify those characteristics with a particular designer. Trump and her licensee, Marc Fisher, allege Aquazzura's suit was filed solely for publicity and that the Hettie merely showcase a current fashion trend in footwear and does not infringe on any intellectual property rights. 

From left to right: Aquazzura's 'Wild Thing', Ivanka Trump 'Hettie' and Steve Madden 'Sassey'

Aquazzura isn't stopping there. The italian shoe company has also filed another trade dress infringement suit against Steve Madden, alleging the company's "Sassey" (pictured above) infringes on the "Wild Thing" design. The company also alleges that Steve Madden's "Sharliet" and "Lecrew" are also copies of Aquazzura's "Sexy Thing" and "Cristy" designs. As alleged in the Ivanka Trump suit, Aquazzura is also alleging that consumers could potentially be confused since the two shoes are so similar. 

In both lawsuits, Aquzzura is seeking the ban of sales and manufacturing of the infringing shoes, destruction of any unsold shoes and for the brands to account for profits made from sales. 

source: Vogue UK