Welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Marche and I am a corporate attorney based in North Carolina, working in the healthcare industry. I was born and raised in North Carolina and currently reside in Raleigh. I started my blog 2011 as a creative outlet when I moved back to Charlotte (I attended college in the Queen City) after law school. I was working on various projects and had a ton of downtime. During my breaks I would save images I found on the internet of streestyle, beauty, food, travel, etc. This was pre-pinterest. Eventually, my mom and aunt convinced me to start a blog! My blog started as a place where I would share all the fabulous inspiration I came across. 

Over the years, this blog has evolved. Since starting Robinson Style, I have added my own personal style series, published an ebook on workwear (available here), created a YouTube channel (watch here) and I have appeared in various publications.  Now, I share my love of fashion, including great workwear, chic interior design, delicious food, travel diaries and great music. In addition, I have recently added a series where I publish the latest Fashion Law & Business News. 

Thanks for reading!

xo,  Marche'