are you natural?

Yes! I went natural a few years ago and it’s honestly the best decision I ever made. I didn’t big chop and instead let my relaxed hair grow out and it was easier than I thought it would be. I hesitated for a long time because I was scared of the transition!

DO YOU BLOG full time?

Blogging is actually my hobby/side hustle! I started it while working in my first job after graduating from law school! I love having it as something I do on the side and don’t really foresee blogging full time. But, never say never!

do you have any law school advice?

This is one of my most popular questions! I went through my DMs and emails and compiled a list of questions I received about law school and the legal profession and made this video here.

will you do an office tour?

This is coming soon! I have a few last updates to make (ie light fixture, shelf styling and deciding if I want a rug in there or not)

will you share the wedding planning process?

I definitely want to but don’t want to annoy anyone with constant wedding posts (ahahah). I have a list of ideas and I think a weekly “Wedding Wednesday” post would be the best option. I’m thinking of starting those in the new year!

I want to start a blog. is it too late?

Absolutely not! Ask my friends, I try to get them all to start a blog. I am working on a post now (and will link it here) because I see this question so much. It’s never too late to start something you are passionate about.

what’s your skincare routine?

I’m currently working on a post about this. I’m still trying to decide if a video or written post would be best? Email me and let me know which one you think would be the most helpful!

how do you curl your hair?

My current routine involves a flat iron, texturizing spray and hair oil. Here is my current hair curling routine. I might make another one and upload to IGTV!

I just started working from home. Do you have any tips?

Going from the office to working at home is a big adjustment! It took me awhile to find my groove. Now that I have, I never want to work in the office again…lol I wrote a post about it here. I hope that helps! Don’t hesitate to email me for more tips!

i’m planning a vacation. Where should I go?

We’ve been on a travel whirlwind lately it seems. My favorite trip that we’ve taken so far is Tulum, Mexico. I wrote a guide here. I love how calm it is there. The food is amazing and there’s so much emphasis on health and wellness. I would go soon before it becomes too tourist-y. Goldeneye resort in Jamaica is a close second but I may be biased since we got engaged there!