Lupita Nyong'o in Ralph Lauren 

Lupita ruled the red carpet in 2013 so she was the one I was most excited to see. Luckily I didn't have to wait too long because she was one of the first actresses to grace the red carpet. This gown is gorgeous! It reminds me of the Tom Ford white cape gown that Gwyneth Paltrow wore some time ago. I love that Lupita wears such bright colors. They are so flattering on her skin. Her gown was perfectly tailored and fit her like a glove. She was by far my pick for best dressed! 

Margot Robbie in Gucci

I saw Wolf of Wall Street and was super excited to see Margot Robbie on the Red Carpet. Since the movie was quite traumatizing (in a good way!) I blocked out most of it. But I did remember how beautiful Margot was. She rocked this dress. I love the pop of green in her shoes and emeralds on her dress!

 Naomi Watts in Tom Ford

I don't pop molly I rock Tom Ford (I had to say it at least once during awards season). I feel like Naomi always kills the game on the low. I can always count on her to come in a add a dose fabulous to the red carpet. 


No. Just No. 

Emma Watts in these pants is just a straight up "No!" That is totally a Grammys outfit. This is the Golden Globes. Get your life. 

I honestly can't remember the last time Zoe Saldana had a good fashion moment on the red carpet. I don't know what's up with her. I feel like she's such a free spirit that she refuses to try hard or go along with the crowd. I can respect that but this disaster is just arts & crafts goes wrong. 

Uma Thurman's dress just reminds me of a pageant gown. The top half doesn't match the bottom and neither are doing her any favors. Thumbs down. For real. 


When Bad Dresses Happen to Good People


I love all these ladies but I just could not get down with these dresses. I feel like Paula Patton just can't get right! She's so beautiful that it's disappointing to see her in such ugly gowns. I could've sworn Brad Goreski was her stylist. Am I mistaken? Heidi Klum's style has seriously gone down hill since her divorce from Seal. I am wishing for a reconcile soon so she can find her style again. Sigh. Jennifer Lawrence has worn variations of this dress during awards season last year. Her body is rocking and I love her new cute haircut. I wish she would have surprised us. It looks like a bad wedding gown. 


Decent Gown. Bad Hair. 


Bad hair can ruin a dress. I think these three ladies had decent gowns. Amy Adams was a little disappointing. I wish she would've channeled her character in American Hustle. Her gown is head and shoulders above her awful hair though. All the twists and braids. It looked like a gymnast's hair. I was looking for clips and glitter in that mess. She should have worn it bone straight and parted in the center. Kaley Cuoco's hair looks a bit damaged to me. I know she just got married but pull it together, girl! A sleek pony tail would've been much better. Elisabeth Moss' hair looks like she just got out of bed. Enough said. 

Pretty Mommas


I love seeing mommas on the red carpet, especially when one of them happens to be my beloved Kerry Washington. Kerry's dress didn't floor me but I love that she's showing the bump. All is forgiven. 

Sound off: 

Who was your best and worst dress on the Golden Globes red carpet?