Recently, I have received several emails from readers regarding my hair care regimen. To be completely honest, I don't show my hair as much love as I should. I was blessed to grow up with a mother who was a hair dresser. She has always been there to keep me from looking like a total mess my whole life. However, I thought I'd share how I tame my mane. I also thought best friend (from this post)  would offer some great insight. She has had natural hair since high school (where we met!). Her hair always looks great. So, here goes nothing: 

Tell us a little about yourself: Marche', 27, attorney + lifestyle blogger

Natural or Relaxed: Relaxed

Describe your daily hair routine: I used to have long hair but a few months ago I had it cut (thanks, mom!) Due to the length, I can't really pull my hair back into a ponytail. I find this to actually be beneficial since my hair tends to have more breakage if I wear it in a ponytail too often. My mom always says that if I want to wear a ponytail often, I need to change the position of it each time to help ease any breakage problems. With my shorter hair, I usually wear my hair straight or with some wave. I prefer wavy hair since it allows me to use less heat on my hair each day. 

Sleep secrets: I don't wrap my hair or sleep with anything on my head. 

Workout warrior: I workout 3-5 times a week. Like I said earlier, I try not to pull my hair into a ponytail, but I do wear a sweatband. Sweat can do a number on my hair. I try to deep condition my hair every Friday. I can really tell the difference when I take the time to condition it. 

Hair products you covet: I swear by Organix products (pictured below). I really love the Moroccan Oil line. Moroccan oil provides the perfect amount of shine without weighing my hair down. I also use Dr. Miracle's leave-in conditioning treatment. I've used several different conditioning treatments and none of them compare to Dr. Miracle's. I always laughed at those commercials but it works.

Tell us a little about yourself: Joy, 27, Marche's bff and a PhD student in electrical engineering by day...

Natural or Relaxed: Natural

Describe your daily hair routine: I use a light conditioner all over and seal with homemade oils since I typically wear two-strand twists in a bun or a pinned up do of sorts and I live in the coldest place on earth...boston. At night I don't do anything unless my hair is super dry. I also condition and deep condition every week/two weeks.

Sleep secrets: Sleep on a silk pillow, always!!!

Workout warrior: My edges are some bougie girls, so I don't use headbands/sweatbands when I run or workout because my edges will run away from them! 

Hair products you covet: Carol's Daughter Moni Shampoo & Conditioner/Hair Mask, Qhemet Biologics ANYTHING! My friend makes a really great homemade oil that I use as well