I'm itching for summer weather like crazy right now. I moved in August so I'm really excited to experience my new city in the summertime. I also can't wait for days by the pool. I didn't get much pool time last summer to my dismay. I was on pinterest (isn't that how it all starts?) and ran across these images. What do these images all have in common? They all have turbans and they all invoke the feeling of laying out on a hot summer day. 

Turban head wrap
Linda Evangelista  by Steven Meisel, 1989
Love the turban
This summer... I'm gonna wear my hair in a turban, srsly.
#summer #vintage --- Grace Kelly ---    Grace wasn't afraid of an absorbent terry cloth turban, and you shouldn't be either.
summer turban
turban chic
Street Style: Turban's are hotter than ever! Wether you tuck your locks in or let them fall, they will add a little something extra to every outfit, even this colorful dress!
The Look: Retro Vintage meets Turban Chic - Can you believe this dress was a $8.00 find from Thrift NoHO?
Accessories Street Style: Turban Time: Turban Chic: Page 2 : Essence.com
Turban chic....

What makes you think about summertime?

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