So it's not Friday, but tomorrow is so close enough, right? I have to say while I love casual Friday, it can often be a challenge. The hardest part is trying to remain chic while still taking advantage of the more relaxed dress code. These street style photos offer the perfect inspiration if your in a casual Friday rut. 

casual chic sequins..

Who says you can't wear sequins to work? Actually, your boss might. You should definitely get a feel for your office first. If you have an office that is already pretty laid back from M-T, sequins on Friday might be ok. I love this skirt paired with the silk button up blouse. I would without a doubt have a productive workday in sequins. You just have too! 

Office Chic

You can still wear a "suit." Patterned separates are easily polished with a great blouse and blazer or jacket in complementary colors. 

Office chic

Casual Friday is the perfect time to play with color. I love the mustard and burgundy in this look. The pieces are tailored so they still look professional enough. Leave the metallic strappy sandals in your bad for after work. Even those aren't appropriate in an office setting on a Friday. 

A chic and polished look for Casual Friday at the office (Tahari Coat, Bellatrix Shirt & J Brand Skinny Jeans #Nordstrom)

Let's be honest, on casual Friday we all just want to wear jeans. If you are going to wear jeans, make sure they don't have holes or too faded. The worn look isn't professional enough in some settings. A dark wash is always the best way to go. 

What's your favorite thing to wear on Casual Friday?