I started reading Laws of Modern Man a while ago. When they decided to create Laws of Modern Woman as a companion, I could not wait to follow. This weekend I was driving home and started thinking about how differently I look at things now than I did when I was younger. It's amazing how we realize that things we thought were so important aren't really that important anymore. Things we value, things we think we cannot live without, they often change. I started thinking, what are my laws? What laws do I hold myself by? I compiled a list of my favorite LOMW laws. 

So true. I always hear of people run down the list of things they want in a mate. But, you never hear anyone run down the list of the qualities they want to have when they happen upon that perfect mate. 

We all make mistakes. Some big, some small. But, mistakes are what build our character and teach us the most important lessons in life. 

Some people may disagree with this but, my dad always stressed to me the importance of reputation when I was growing up. It's important to always have a good reputation in both your personal and professional life. 


Everyone tries to sell gimmicks for everything: success, love, weight loss. The funny thing is, the methods that have always worked are often the easiest. You want something, work for it. It's really that simple. 

I mean...duh

Obsessed with this. If I had one way to measure my success in life, this would be the test. 

One of my favorite quotes, ever. Seriously, overdress. No one has ever said, look at that girl in that gorgeous gown. They have said, look at that girl in those overalls. 

Absolutely. Any woman with life experience can attest to this. Your friends should be your biggest fans. Period. 

I've had jobs I've loved. I've had jobs I've hated. I'm blessed to love my job now. Don't work anywhere that makes you hate to get up in the morning. Life is too short for that. 

What are your laws?