Daily To-Do list ... #mom #chic

I often talk about my to-do list I make every season and even the little ones I make every day. But, I also have a third list. (Type A in the house). This third list is a list of DIY and Art/Craft projects I want tackle. I keep this list separate because it can take weeks, even months, to get to some of these things! Here are the projects currently in my mental queue: 

1. Make an upholstered headboard. I've done this several times before. I love making these because they are pretty foolproof. I love this tutorial. I've never tried to make a tufted one before and this makes it look super easy. I'm thinking a dove gray velvet one with upholstery tacks around the trim. 

2. Paint my woven linen basket. My aunt recently purchased an awesome vintage woven basket for me to put linen in. I don't have a defined linen closet in my place so this was perfect for me! It's a natural color and I've been trying to decide what color I want to paint it. I've been thinking about gold with the inside painted mint green! I love the way these metallic baskets look. 

3. Art, art, art. I love to paint. While I want to add more framed art around my place, I know I want to paint a large painting to hang over my sofa in the living room. I'm thinking an abstract painting with soft blushes and nudes and metallic gold and silver. It would be perfect in here.  This is by far my most exciting project. 

4. Cover my cork board. I have a large cork board over my desk. Cork makes it look so collegiate (not in a good way). I want it to look more sophisticated and chic. I want to cover it with a cream linen fabric and maybe add some upholstery tacks. Can you tell by now that I love tacks on EVERYTHING?

5. Gallery wall. Empty walls just scream "gallery wall" to me! I love having pictures everywhere and I think a gallery wall is the best way to display pics in a large unused area. I'm thinking of white frames with white mats and black + white photos. 

6. Bathroom shelving. I really want more counter space in my bathroom. Since I can't create actual counter space, I thought these shelves would be perfect. I love lucite anything so this project holds a special place in my heart. 

What projects are you currently trying to tackle?