1. This week has flown by. I have been listening to this non-stop. 
2. My best friend from law school is starting a running + healthy living blog. I'm working on the blog design and I'm so excited for her to start writing! I'll share the link when it's up. 
3. Have any of you used Lyst yet? I signed up. Cheers to another site for me to waste valuable time on. 
4. I have been waiting to try this awesome Tribal Wrap Sandal DIY via I Spy DIY. I think this might be the perfect sandal to use. 
5. This Sunday is Father's Day! I am so blessed to have the best dad in the whole world. I thought this picture of Muhammad Ali and his grandson for Louis Vuitton was very fitting. What are you getting your dad? 

Photo: Louis Vuitton/ Annie Leibovitz