I've said on here a few times that I am a foodie. And, I might be the first foodie to admit that I love me some "bar food." Flashback to NYE 2011. My friends and I were looking for a cool, laid back place to eat before heading out. I already heard from a friend how great the food was at Dandelion Market. It was amaaaaaazing! It was fresh and not greasy. By far the best bar food I've ever had. We all ordered two or more of the small plates and shared with each other! The grilled lamb lollipops, steak skewers, and baked potato croquettes were some of my faves. This weekend is NASCAR speed week and while everyone is uptown, they should definitely walk over and have a bite and a beer! Shoot over to Restaurant.com for a coupon! You'll be able to buy tons of apps to share. The more the merrier!

Afterwards, head to Speed Street and get a funnel cake for me. 

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