{ red carpet }

IFB Project #32 is to create your dream red carpet look. I was excited because no matter how many red carpet preshows I watch, I never actually think about what I would actually wear. Once I started thinking about it though, I came up with my look in a matter of seconds. Here's how I'd dress on the red carpet. 

The dress is the most important part of any starlet's red carpet look. As much as I'm loving brights this season, I would want a neutral color. I love black and white. My dress would have to be either black, white, or both. With either of these neutrals, I could go with a very simple silhouette or something very detailed. 

The jewelry is arguably the second most important part. Your jewels can play supporting actor or take the stage as the lead. I love bold jewelry and I'm absolutely loving all the emerald baubles I've been seeing on the red carpet lately. The beautiful green hue would be gorgeous against either black or white. 

Hair. Hair. Hair. You have to have the right hair or your look won't flow. I must say, as much as I like a sleek ponytail or a gorgeous updo, I'm a sucker for bed head. I like when my hair looks effortless and that's how I would want to look on the red carpet. 

When I'm on the red carpet I want dramatic makeup. It's not like I go to the grocery store with a smokey eye so the red carpet would give me the perfect opportunity to do it up! Smokey eye + nude lip = red carpet perfection. Let's be honest, no one does that look better than J.Lo.

The last thing I put on when I leave the house are my shoes and my purse. I love a good metallic heel and clutch. They're beautiful and glamorous and would go oh so well with my look. 

Last but certainly not least, you have to have a hottie to accompany you on the red carpet. 

A girl can dream...