{ nest }

I mentioned in my Christmas posts that I really love giving gifts during the holidays. This Christmas I was more excited than ever because I decided to make a special gift for my baby cousin's first Christmas. My cousin (his mommy) asked me to make a mobile for his nursery before he was born. For a while I had trouble narrowing down what I actually wanted it to look like. 6 months later...I finally decided on a nest theme. My mother and I hosted my cousin's baby shower and I chose the same theme for her shower. I loved the light and natural feel (which suits her perfectly). I've added some shots from her baby shower below.

Deciding on how I wanted to execute this project was just as difficult. I loved the vintage feel of using paper birds with real branches. I wanted to use clear thread so that the mobile would have a "floating" effect. Shortly before my grandmother passed away, she planted two trees in front of her house. I wanted to use those branches. My baby cousin was born the day before her birthday so he's our little gift from her. I wanted it to have a piece of her and I think it worked out perfectly.

I drew the birds freehand based on looking at pictures on etsy and pinterest of vintage paper birds. I chose cream paper for the body of the birds and light blue and cream herringbone print paper for their wings. I really enjoyed making the mobile and I was so excited to give it for Christmas. Whenever I walk into my cousin's nursery I just smile when I see it. If you are at a loss for the perfect shower gift, baby birthday gift, or mobile for your own baby's nursery, try making one. It'll not only be beautiful but it'll have a little extra love in it too.