{ dear weekend }

The project I was working on at work finally ended on Friday. That meant I could finally enjoy my weekend without worrying about getting back home at a reasonable hour yesterday. With my clear mind I was finally able to tackle Christmas shopping! My favorite part about Christmas is shopping for gifts. I love finding that perfect gift for a loved one and watching their face when they finally open it. For some reason it doesn't quite feel like Christmas shopping unless I do it at home. Do any of you feel that way too?

these pile of branches gave me an idea for one of my Christmas gifts. It's a surprise and I am really excited to give it to one of my family members. I burst with excitement.

I finally knitted some pieces. I knit a reeeeeally long circle scarf aka snood. It's so long you have to wrap it three times. I love it. It is sooooo warm. Plus, I knitted a turban that doubles as a ear warmer. I've been eyeing them for so long and it finally dawned on me that it probably wouldn't take that long to knit one for myself. I'm already planning on making more colors. That's after I fill orders from the friends and fam.

What do you think?