{ uniform }

I think everyone has a favorite outfit they love to wear or style formula they follow. The same is true for me, especially in the fall. Luckily we follow a business casual dress code at work which allows me to wear my uniform to work. It consists of a pair of cords (preferably a skinny cut), a silk blouse, and a tweed jacket. It's casual yet still pulled together and polished. I personally wear darker washes to work and opt for tailored jackets for my own personal version of a casual suit. Here are some of my favorite picks for each piece.

1. Moschino Mirror-embellished Metallic Tweed Jacket - theoutnet
2. Giambattista Valli Tweed Jacket - farfetch
3. Tory Burch Tweed Box Jacket - farfetch

Blythe blouse in silk
1. J. Crew Silk Elodie Blouse
2. J. Crew Blythe Blouse in Silk
3. J. Crew Silk Polka-Dot Tee

1. J. Crew High-waisted Skinny Cord
2. J. Crew Toothpick Cord
3. J. Crew High-waisted skinny Cord

What is your go-to outfit for Fall?