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Have you heard of Inslee Haynes? She's a talented artist and I am o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with her work! Her sketches are amazing! She not only sells prints from her sketch book, she also sells note cards and calendars! You can even commission her for a project or a custom illustration. How cool is that?

How gorg are these gift tags?
Occasional Tag Cards

Note Cards: So perfect for your desk

Spring Stroll Merci


Horsing Around

Annnnnnd, my favorite...her sketches from her sketch book! They are available in 8x10 (limited).

Patisserie (print)

Arm Party (print)

Mustard Love (print)

Lady Chic (print)

Patriot (print)

Little White Dress (print)

Vogue Summer 2 (print)

Vogue Summer 1 (print)

Fendi (print)

Brunettes (Print)

Striped Skirt (print)
my favorite print

Green Pearls (print)

Mad Hatter (print)

People Watching (print)

Emily's Girls (print)

Peacock (print)

I could look at Inslee's work for hours! Luckily she has a blog where she shares more of her fabulous sketches!

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