{ f is for... }

Fitness. I have always liked to be active. Since I was little I played sports but when I went to law school, that all went out the door. I would work out here and there but I succumbed to the stress and spent less and less time in the gym. Aside from flag football, I didn't get to play any sports. Add on top of that law school's uncanny ability to center all things around food and you have an awful combination. Now that I'm finished, I'm back to my old self again! I try to work out 4 times and week and eat healthy (which means mostly at home). But, because I'm one of thooooose girls, I like for my workout clothes to coordinate. Yeah, I know you're judging. I also want them to look cute. You're not going to catch me out in old sweats. I mean I might need to run to the grocery store or anywhere that has one human being in it. Luckily, anybody can find stylist, affordable, comfortable workout clothes.

1. Nike Thin Headbands: $8.99
2. Gap ribbed jacket: $41.97
3. Nike Free Run 2+: $99.99
4. Gap gFast Capris: $34.96
5. Nike Pro Combat Sports Bra: $32.00
6. lululemon Scuba Print Hoodie: $128.00

And what's working out without a bangin' playlist? I'm a loyal fan when it comes to music. I rarely keep new, popular songs on my playlist.

1. The New Workout Plan by Kanye West (duh!)
2. Toxic by Britney Spears
3. Light Your Ass on Fire by Busta Rhymes (feat. Pharrell)
4. Play by David Banner
5. Pretty Girls by Wale
6. Rumors by Lindsay Lohan (yeah...that's right)
7. Groove Me by Guy
9. Vivrant Thing - QTip
10. Shake Your Pom Pom by Missy Elliott

What's on your workout playlist???