{ dear weekend }

This weekend was one I look forward to every year. My best friend's alma mater has their annual Homecoming celebration. It is a large event and it is always super fun! The weekend was filled was yummy tailgating, fun parties, and staying up late with my bffs since high school. I felt like a kid again until it hit the wee hours of the morning and I realized I am no longer a young spring chicken anymore.

Tried a new lip color. What do you think?

I'm a reality TV fanatic. I openly admit it. One of my favorite shows ever was Making The Band. I don't think you quite understand my obsession with the show. I watched every season. I know all the songs, all the choreography, all the words spoken by every person ever on the screen, etc. So imagine my surprise when I ran into Big Mike (my favorite contestant on Making the Band 4).

Did I mention he has incredible taste in earrings?