{ dear weekend }

This weekend was my favorite kind...crafty! I love doing DIY projects and arts + crafts! It's so calming and I beam with pride when I make something and find the perfect place for it! I hit up two craft stores and a vintage store to get some things for my place. First, I found the prettiest porcelain knobs for my desk. I've been desperate for a place to blog and make my earrings so I have my desk from home. Since I plan on creating a lot of different things, I need a pretty place that's inspiring. Let's be honest, I love monogramming as much as any other southern girl. I chipped my nail polish digging for these knobs but I found 4 M's and didn't have to sub any upside down W's so I say it was worth it!

Speaking of the letter "M," I've always wanted to decorate a wall with the letter "M." I always find decorative letters at different stores. Some antique or some made from different materials. Today I had an idea and decided to make a simple piece to start my wall off. It's so simple and sparkly! You can have your own too! I'm going to sell them in my etsy store! How exciting?

I love the gold! And, of course you know I couldn't have a great weekend without good eats! I got to visit one of my favorite restaurants. Chicken + waffles has to be one of the best food combinations. You know you're in the presence of a good meal when you can't eat anything else for the rest of the day.

Now I'm off to finalize my etsy store. It's up tomorrow. Pretty. Fresh.

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