{ dear weekend }

Spontaneous weekends have to be the absolute best. I wasn't planning to go home this weekend but my plans changed at the last minute. I was really glad they did. I got to spend time with my favorite little baby and I got to spend a lot of time with my dad. Whenever I'm at his house I feel like I'm on vacation instead of home because there are animals everywhere. He's made friends with about 100 ducks he likes to feed so every morning when I come stay with him we feed them together. Our two dogs ( I refer to them as my furry bro and sis) are there too and I rarely play with them since their idea of playing is attacking me and trying to eat my luggage as I carry it into the house.

How amazing was that fall weather this weekend? I love

Big fur babies. Even during playtime they're in attack mode.

Before my fave baby was born, his momma and I would
eat breakfast at Tex n' Shirley's ever single Sunday morning. If you're from GBORO, you know what I'm talking about. I swear there are real grandamas back in the kitchen. Why have I never had their chocolate chip pancakes until this Sunday?

What better way to end a great weekend? Watching great football in a
bar full of screaming drunk people while eating pizza and wings with my BFF? Well, It would've been better if the Panthers actually won.

I even got some great pieces for fall! What's better than shopping?
Shopping for amazing fall trends. What's better than shopping
for amazing fall trends? Shopping for amazing fall trends and
finding killer deals!

I bought this sparkly belt in rose gold and found the most
gorgeous pleated chiffon midi length cream skirt from F21.
I always find the best stuff when I'm not looking. How was your weekend???