{ dear (long) weekend }

I live for long weekends! I don't feel the pressure to pack so much activity into my weekend when I have an extra day off. However, I always regret the vacation the first day back to work. I'm going to be no good tomorrow. But, at least my lack of work gave me energy to keep up with my packed Monday night reality TV viewing schedule.

This weekend was my bff's bday. Since she's a twin her bday is always double the fun! I absolutely love birthdays, partly because birthday card shopping is my favorite sport! The perfect card is everything. I've been known to buy cards months in advance if I spot one that fits someone I know perfectly. Papyrus, by far, is my absolute fave greeting card company. They make the most beautiful cards! They're the kind that stay on the mantle long after the occasion has past. They could even make great framed art. I suggest shopping for these cards in person to fully appreciate their beauty (they're sold at Target! Who doesn't want an excuse to go to Target?). These cards are like the ones you made in kindergarten, only not crappy.

On Sunday, we went to brunch at a local spot named Terrace Cafe. Brunch, the most genius invention ever, is my favorite meal of the day. This was my first time eating brunch there and I def give it two thumbs up! The place had some really cool offerings like red velvet waffles (recipe seen in {red velvet waffles}) and s'mores french toast! I wasn't in the mood for anything sweet so I went with the run-of-the-mill breakfast. There were so many things on the menu that I was eyeing. I must return sooner rather than later. After the bday festivities I was able to continue the bar passage celebration from last weekend and just chill out on my brand neeeeew chevron pillow cover! So. Excited.

Who knew something so small would make me so giddy? See the chemistry? It's
undeniable. Now I want a second one so the other side of the couch doesn't
get jealous...

I also spent my weekend making earrings which has become a ritual of sorts. I've decided to launch an etsy store which will offer my earrings (some you've seen
some you haven't)! ROBINSON (named after my family) will
launch this month. More details are to come. Are you excited? I sure am!

How was your labor day weekend?


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