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Working in doc review is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand you often have a day or two off between projects. As someone who makes a to-do list everyday, a day off might as well be a week off in my mind. On the other hand, there are times when you have weeks off. Multiple weeks. Looooong weeks. These I do not like. Pretty much after the excitement of having a day off wears off, I soon slip into a deep boredom coma. This last week has been one of those weeks. This time I decided I was going to enjoy my time off. So this past week I acted as any immature 25 year old would...

I actually went to the pool at my apt! Look at me being all neighborly and adventurous! For 4 months I have only thought about going to the pool but this time I actually did it. I might of even put my toes in it. My parents would be so proud.

Then last night I made the most epic decision ever and saw The Help waaaay past my bedtime. It's a known fact that no matter how hard you try, you will turn into your parents slowly as you age. In my case that means crying at the drop of a hat like my mother. Unfortunately, that became abundantly clear during this film. I cried, and cried, and cried. Not just a tear here or there, but I was a full on blubbering mess. I woke up with a migraine and swollen eyes this morning but it was worth it. The Help had 3 of my "must-haves" in a film: wonderful acting, amazing story, and beautiful costumes. I've shared some screen shots below. I might cry just looking at them.

Oh yeah. Somewhere in between baking in the sun and embarrassing my friends at the movies, I ate bad food, skipped the gym more times than I should, watched 90s Nickelodeon, old The Hills episodes, and A Different World reruns. My week was weak on work but damnit...it was fun.


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