{ tassels part two }

In my previous post {tassels part one} I expressed my renewed love for tassels. I love them best on earrings. Today I said to myself, I said "Self, make some tassel earrings since you love them so much." Sometimes, even I surprise myself with my insight.

all you need is:

1. cord in the color of your choice

2. ear wire (I chose large kidney ear wire)

3. small head pin (or wire)

4. scissors

5. needle nose pliers


1. measure the cord to your desired length x 2 (your
going fold the strands in half so that's why you need double
the length) and cut

2. cut enough strands until you have your desired thickness (since
the strands will be folded it will be double the thickness)

3. create a ring out of the head pin (or gold wire) and string the strands through
halfway and fold in half. Use the needle nose pliers
to help you bend the wire

4. wrap excess cord around the strands until they start to actually
look like tassels and then tie the cord to secure.

5. slide the gold ring holding the tassel onto the ear wire

6. repeat for the other earring unless your into
wearing just one earring...

Not a total betty but a vast improvement...


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