{ dear weekend }

Man. What is it about working in the real world that makes you want to do so much on the weekends? I think my goal is always to see every member of my family and as many of my friends as I can before Monday comes. Every Sunday night I always find myself barely awake typing this post. This weekend was no different! I thought for sure hurricane Irene would have me couch surfing all weekend but she def didn't. She almost blew my car off the highway a few times but other than that it was business as usual.

Tried a new tassle earring! I'm launching an etsy store soon to sell them so be on the
lookout if you love them as much as I do!

I spent some time with my fam and ate brunch at our favorite spot, Grandover. They have the best brunch to ever touch my lips! I used to go almost every weekend with my dad when I was in law school but haven't been very much since. There's literally so much food you need not eat again for the rest of the day! As much food as there is, I'm surprised I have no food pictures to share.

I mean who wouldn't hang with this stud muffin? He's literally
my favorite person in the 0-12mos. age range.

Then I went to visit my bf who passed the bar! I remember waiting for my letter a year ago and the range of emotions you feel sitting at the mailbox. It is indescribable. You're scared, nervous, anxious, excited, and literally everything in between! But it's definitely one of the best days of your life when you read "congratulations!" Ahhhhhhhh! How was your weekend? Hopefully, Irene didn't rain on your parade.