{ dear weekend }

This weekend rained on my parade...literally. With all of the severe storms we've been getting, it's pretty risky to make any plans that involve actually being outside. On Saturday, the Carolina Panthers had their first game of the season. My friends and I made plans to go to a tailgate and of course, it rained. Sad face. Considering we were thisclose to not even having a football season this year, I don't mind making another attempt next home game. On top of that, we actually won. I can't remember saying that too many times last season.

Since my plans were washed out on Saturday, pun intended, I went to a nice dinner. I'm a sucker for a good meal. On the way home my best friend gave me Jill Scott's new CD The Light Of The Sun. Score! Jill Scott is one of my absolute favorite artists! I have every one of her albums and I am ashamed that I didn't buy this one the day it dropped. I've been making up for lost time and keeping it on heavy rotation. Of course, Jill doesn't disappoint. How gorg is this album cover by the way?

Jill's coming to CLT at the end of this month for her Summer Block Party Tour. It's still not set in stone whether I will be in attendance but I'm sure it will be ahhhhmazing! If you haven't listened to any of Jill's music, I suggest you become a fan immediately.

Speaking of Jill and block parties, I returned home Saturday night to a pleasant surprise. Dave Chappelle's Block Party played on tv...twice! Dave is hilarious and the music is so dope! The soundtrack is one of the best live albums I own. Where else can you see a concert with Dead Prez, Kanye, Mos, Talib, Jill, Erykah, Common, the Roots and the Fugees just to name a few? In your dreams that's where! So basically my weekend was filled with a little rain and a lot of hot music. How perfect?