Hey guys! I’m so hype because I get to share my favorite pictures of the bunch with you today! When we first booked our trip, I was most excited to see The Louvre. We woke up super early every day to beat the crowds! This was our first full day of shooting and it was this shoot in particular, was the first shoot of the day. I had started feeling sick the night before and I felt so bad this morning. I think you can clearly see why I stayed sick/got worse. I had no clothes on! We couldn’t believe how packed The Louvre was already. We got there well before 8am!

We took our shots and then walked right to Le Cafe Marly to grab some hot croissants and hot chocolate to warm up. I would definitely recommend! I wasn’t sure if the food would be good or if it’s just a popular spot because of it’s proximity to The Louvre, but our food was very good. We were talking about how great it would be to visit the cafe during the warmer months and sit outside and people watch. If you get there as early as we did, you can (hopefully) avoid having a long wait!

Photography: Burroughs | Knight Photography