photo:  Chanel

photo: Chanel

Apparently what goes around does come around. Chanel is accusing luxury vintage boutique What Goes Around Comes Around ("WGACA") of selling counterfeit Chanel items. The boutique, around since 1993, with locations in Miami, LA and NYC sells pieces from luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and more. Chanel filed a lawsuit against the retailer on Wednesday accusing them of not only selling counterfeit Chanel but also misleading customers into believing WGACA was an official partner of the brand. Chanel has stated that they have refused WGACA requests to enter an official partnership. 

The retailer's website guarantees their items are 100% authentic. However, several items with this guarantee are not authenticated by Chanel. Further, the fashion house takes issue with WGACA's use of the term "vintage." The FTC defines vintage as "at least 50 years old." However, many of the "vintage" labeled Chanel items sold at WGACA are less than 20 years old, well under the 50 year requirement. 

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Chanel also points to other issues including using Chanel marketing materials, images of Chanel-brand products, Chanel advertisements and trademarks on social media, using the hashtag #WGACAChanel. Chanel is seeking monetary damages and injunctive relief to stop WGACA from continuing the aforementioned actions.

What we can learn: If you are a vintage or consignment retailer, (1) make sure you are following any authentication process required by the original designer before you provide an authentication guarantee, (2) If you are labeling any items as "vintage," it should be older than 50 years old according to the FTC and (3) make sure any language, hashtags or advertisement don't create a false idea that you have an official partnership with a brand. 

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Source: Hollywood Reporter