If you follow me on Instagram, you know I share as much about my foodie adventures as I do about my outfits. It's true, my first love is actually food, not fashion. I absolutely love trying new restaurants, sitting down for a good meal and sharing my favorite places to dine. Since I've lived in 4 cities in NC, Greensboro (hometown), Charlotte (college and first real job), Winston-Salem (law school) and Raleigh (current city), I have had my fair share of great meals. My friends and readers always email me about places to grab food, so I thought it would be great to compile a post sharing my favorites. I'll share brunches, coffee shops, desserts, etc etc. I'm sharing 20 places today (along with what you need to order). 


Capital Club 16 (Raleigh): One of my favorite Raleigh brunch spots. Love coming during the warmer months and getting a table outside on the sidewalk so I can people watch downtown. Who doesn't love a great people watching opportunity? Order: Challah Bread French Toast

Poole's Diner (Raleigh): One of my favorite brunch spots for a while was The Joule Coffee + Table. My heart broke when I heard they were closing. (RIP) Luckily, Poole's (owned by the same owner) brought their brunch back around the same time and the menu is pretty much the same! Hallelujah! We just went to brunch there last weekend and it was amazing. The Joule will be missed but at least Poole's Diner will fill the void. Order: Shrimp + Grits and/or The Seasonal Hotcake

Old Fourth Filling Station (Winston Salem): When I was in law school, we ate at least two meals a week at Old Fourth Filling Station (aka "Filling Station"). I still try and stop by when I visit Winston. Pretty much any restaurant in the West End is worth eating at. Order: Monte Cristo or Pimento Cheese and Prosciutto Omelet

The Katherine Brasserie (Winston Salem): A new edition to the Winston Salem brunch scene, the Katherine Brasserie is located in the Kimpton Cardinal Hotel. I can't say no to a Brasserie for brunch. Everything is usually decadent and involves bread. My weakness is bread. Order: Tomato & Madrange Ham Omelette and Warm Croissant


Dame's Chicken and Waffles (Greensboro, Durham and Cary): Dame's is one of my all-time favorite brunch spots. My best friend took me for the first time like 5 years ago in Durham. You can interchange any chicken with any waffle and any schmear so the sky's the limit. My personal favorite is The Classy Hen with blueberry waffle, vanilla almond schmear and collard greens. I get the panko breaded chicken breast instead of the fried chicken. So good. Order: The Classy Hen

Smith Street Diner (Greensboro): This place makes me feel nostalgic. I grew up eating here. I love a classic diner. Nothing fancy, just good traditional breakfast. If you're ever in Greensboro, you will always see a line out of the door at this place. World Famous: Buttermilk Pancakes

Village Tavern (Winston Salem): So this was my go-to restaurant in law school. Village Tavern has other locations in NC but the Winston Salem one is the only one I love. It's essentially on Wake Forest's campus since it's in Reynolda Village. I went so much in law school they knew my voice over the phone. The staff was like my family. Any time I needed to meet with a classmate or fellow officer in an organization, I picked Village Tavern as our meet-up spot (eff the library). I almost want to cry writing this. VT will always have a place in my heart. Order: Pimento Cheese & Bacon Biscuits or Hot Crab Dip

Dioli's Italian Market (Winston Salem): When I lived in Winston, Dioli's was always a place to stop and grab something quick before class. On the rare occasion I didn't want to sit down for brunch, I would grab a yummy sandwich and an authentic Italian pastry. Order: Dioli's Breakfast Panini or Zeppolis

Print Works Bistro (Greensboro): This place is so pretty and has great brunch options. That's a win win in my book. Attached to the Proximity Hotel, if you ever visit Greensboro, make sure you stay here and dine here at least once! Order: Port Wine Pear Flatbread or Steak Frites


The Counting House (Durham): We dined at The Counting House and stayed at 21c Hotel quite a few times. I always had dinner here but never had brunch until my birthday. It was so good, we've returned at least 3 more times since then. I love how their take on classic breakfast dishes. Being located in a museum hotel is a plus. You can walk off your brunch and take in some art. Order: Buttermilk Pancakes with Brown Butter or Bankers Breakfast

Mozelle's (Winston Salem): This place opened while I lived in Winston and quickly became a favorite. Located across Old Fourth Street Filling Station, I often had a hard time choosing where to eat. Mozelle's is the perfect choice if you want something less casual. Order: Bourbon Peach French Toast or Tomato Pie

Dean's Kitchen + Bar (Cary): Repeat after me, "All you can eat buffet" I don't know what more I need to say about this place. If you can't decide what you want for brunch and you want a little bit of everything, Dean's is your place. I always get a waffle, shrimp and grits and peel and eat shrimp. Yum! Order: The Buffet


La Farm Bakery (Cary): This bakery is heaven for me. You walk in and are immediately surrounded by bread and pastries. Seriously, you can hardly focus on what you want to order. I always need more time when I walk up to the counter. You really can't go wrong with anything you order. Also, make sure you grab some homemade bread to-go. Order: La Farm Signature Toast or Croque Madame

Rue Cler (Durham): I told you my love of Brasseries for brunch. Decadence is what brunch is about. Don't you agree? Order: Fresh Beignets or Omelette du Jour

5Church (Charlotte): Love 5Church for dinner and brunch. There are also locations in Charleston, SC and ATL. If the restaurant sounds familiar, it's because Jamie Lynch who's Executive Chef of 5Church Group was on a recent season of Top Chef! Order: Brunch Burger or Chicken Salad Sandwich

Essex Bar & Bistro (Charlotte): Recently tried this spot for dinner and brunch and it was so good. I'll be honest, the service for dinner wasn't that great. But the service for brunch was much better. You'll want to try everything so be prepared to order more than one dish and share! Order: Huevos Rancheros or Essex Breakfast Sandwich

BrickTops (Charlotte): Charlotte is home of one of BrickTops locations. Usually I hate chain restaurants, but this one is good. I usually meet friends here for brunch when I'm in town. It helps that it's across the street from the mall. Location, location, location. Order: Deviled Eggs & Millionaire's Bacon or Homemade Donuts


True Flavors (Durham): Seriously amazing brunch food. Extra points for having Cheerwine on tap. It always takes me a long time to decide what I want to eat. Be prepared for a wait. During the warmer months there's a farmer's market in the parking lot so you can shop for fruits and veggies before you indulge. They also have great breakfast during the week. The menu is slightly different but still delicious. Order: Spicy Fried Chicken Benedict or Southern Fried Egg Sandwich

Grandover Resort Spa + Conference Center (Greensboro): This is a family favorite. Every graduation in our family ended or began with brunch at Grandover. We lived for the hotel's all you can eat buffet. Unfortunately they got rid of the buffet. I hated breaking that to my mom. We have been back for brunch since then and it's still good even if you have to just stick with one thing. The buffet is still available during some holidays. Order: Creamy Shrimp and Grits or Waffles with Berries and Fresh Cream


Jack Tar + The Colonel's Daughter (Durham): We recently tried this spot and we love it. The menu is large considering most newer restaurants have like 5 things on the menu. Be prepared to wait forever, but if you don't mind having a long leisurely lunch with a ton of options, I would definitely recommend! Order: Fried Oyster Bahn Mi or Fried to Order Crullers