Happy Thursday you guys! I turned 33 on October 21st and we spent the weekend in the Outerbanks (snaps coming soon) and in DC. Michael surprised me and booked a super cool new hotel his brother told him about, Eaton Hotel in DC. This was the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. I had to grab a couple snaps so I could share this new spot. The mid century decor in the rooms, the record players, podcast studio and old school TVs were such a unique touch. We are already planning our return! And as mentioned, my favorite part of our stay was the record player in our room. I didn’t find out until we checked out that you could come down to their in house DJ booth/podcast studio and grab a record. Michael surprised me and had my little brother come hang out with us! It was a great birthday :)

They also have a location they recently opened in Hong Kong. I’m excited to see where they put their next location!