I’ll admit, I hate making gift guides and I think I equally hate reading them. The influx of them around the holiday season makes me want to just go on a blog reading hiatus until January 1st shows up! I thought this year, instead of making a bunch of gift guides suggesting things you can buy, I would compile a list of experience gifts. If I think back to some of my most memorable gifts, I think about the experiences most. Here is a list of ideas I came up with for the best experience gifts you can give this holiday season!

  1. A Cooking Class (try Sur La Table or a local restaurant!): I honestly would love to take a cooking class. It’s something I have always wanted to do but never actually purchase for myself. It would even be cool to attend a cooking class together and learn to make something you can serve for the holidays!

  2. A Family Portrait: This seems a little corny but I think as you get older, family pictures are few and far between. Carving out some time with a photographer to take a picture with your family around the holidays would be a great gift for your parent or grandparent. You can frame them and gift the photos on Christmas or use for a holiday card.

  3. Museum membership: The perfect gift for any age group and for families. A membership to a local children’s museum would be perfect for kid in your life or child-at-heart!

  4. Plan a trip: Probably my favorite gift. Depending on your budget, you can go all out or plan a fun road trip! You can even go to a local amusement park and local attraction for a day trip.

  5. A Journal: A super simple gift that makes a great impact. I loved having a journal when I was a teenager and I still journal now. The New Year is the perfect time to start new habits and start fresh. A journal would an awesome way to track the progress!

  6. Adopt A Family: We used to adopt a family every year through my company. I really enjoyed shopping for a family who was in need. I think it’s a great idea to adopt a family with your family. It feels good to help make someone happy and it teaches the true meaning of the holidays.

  7. Volunteer Together: So many local organizations need help during the holidays. Whether it’s to help feed people in need or deliver meals or even hand out presents. I always love the idea of volunteering on Christmas morning instead of racing to open presents.

  8. Tickets to a Show: Whether it be a concert or play, tickets to a show would be a great gift. With shows like Hamilton touring, you can go with something popular or something more lowkey like a local band’s performance!

  9. Cleaning Service: We started using a cleaning service last year and it was one of the best purchases we have ever made. This would be a great gift for your friend who works all the time or your friend who’s a new mom! Paying for three months of cleanings would be amazing!

  10. Make a Photo Album: Photo albums seem to become less and less prevalent with smart phones and social media taking over. I honestly love to sit at my aunt’s house and go through old photo albums and look at photos of my family. I have thought about using Artifact Uprising to make a few of these for friends and family.

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