ASOS WHITE Wide Leg Jumpsuit With Shoulder Pads (I removed the shoulder pads), Steve Madden Daisie Pump (my favorite! So comfy and come in a ton of colors), Zara suede bag (old)

Recently I posted a workwear Q&A on my Instagram Stories. As you all know, I love discussing workwear and helping women build their workwear wardrobes. I even wrote an ebook about it (available here) One woman asked if I thought jumpsuits were appropriate for work. Absolutely! First, I always tell women to make sure they understand their company’s dress code and office environment. For example, I worked at a company where there was no written dress code. So, outfits ran the gamut from casual to formal office wear. Since I was in the legal department and often met with clients and executives, I aimed to dress similar to those I met with (i.e. fancier than I needed to be)

Regardless of your office culture, jumpsuits can be worn in all settings. Starting with a conservative environment, I suggest wearing jumpsuits that mimic the traditional suit. This jumpsuit by Edition10 is a perfect example. It’s like a more fun version of the black pantsuit! You should stick with tailored silhouettes (think long sleeves and tapered pants), neutral colors (like black, gray and navy) and simple accessories.

It seems business casual dress codes are the most common these days. I love business casual because it let’s you express your personal style more. Here you can be a more creative with your style while still remaining professional. You can also take your favorite jumpsuits and make them office-appropriate easily. The jumpsuit in my post today is backless but that doesn’t have to stop me from wearing it to work. I can just layer a camisole in the same color underneath and then I’ll be office ready! For sleeveless, strapless or backless jumpsuits (like this velvet one from j.crew), layering is key. Adding a blouse or turtleneck under your jumpsuit or a blazer or jacket over it can take your jumpsuit from weekend to work.

For casual or creative environments or for those who work from home the majority of the time, anything goes! If you still want to look put together, I love this fun tiger print option or this plaid one!

Below are my favorite workwear jumpsuit picks: