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I've been on a mission to perfect my skincare routine for quite awhile. One of the areas on my face I have focused on is my eye area. In the last few years I've noticed that my eye area has become increasingly darker (helloooo, dark circles!) and puffier. 

Recently, I participated in the Olay 28 Day Challenge. I have been a longtime fan of Olay. I remember being a little girl and sneaking in my mother's beauty bag and using her Olay moisturizer. I always remembered how great my skin felt after I applied it. It was a no brainer that I would partner with Olay to participate! 

In an effort to improve my eye area, I incorporated the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream and Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream into my everyday skincare routine. I followed the following regimen: STEP 1: In the


AM, I applied the Olay Regenerist Multi Sculpting Cream Total with SPF 30 and STEP 2: I applied Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream in the AM and PM. Easy right? I personally loved that the Olay Regenerist contained SPF 30. I have been a stickler with wearing SPF to protect my skin from harmful UV Rays. 

Halfway through the Olay 28 Day Challenge, I already noticed improvement. The bags under my eyes were noticeably smaller and my skin looked much brighter! I often notice my under eye puffiness when I'm sifting through blog photos or my youtube videos. After using my new routine, I could hardly see them in my photos or my videos! It was amazing! 


Now, following the end of the Olay 28 Day Challenge, I can see a significant change! I almost feel like I played myself by not doing this sooner. I have continued to incorporate my eye routine and I can't wait to see how I will feel in the next 30, 60 and 90 days! I've already put my mom and aunt onto my new Olay must-haves and I've ordered a few bottles for gifting this holiday season. 

Did you know that you can learn more about your personalized skin care at Olay Skin Advisor? You can find out more here: http://spr.ly/336495Advisor! 

Thank you to Olay for sponsoring this post!