ASOS trench in luxe satin fabric, Lavish Alice silver reverse sequin bandeau cropped tie front midi dress, ASOS Hampstead heels (old), Target clutch, Revlon "Vixen" nail polish

Finally, we are at the end of 2016. To say this was an eventful year for me would be an understatement. It has completely transformed me and has been the most important year of my life, in bad ways and in good ways. I have joked with so many friends about how I feel I have lived 5 lives in just these past 12 months. 2016 has brought me the greatest losses of my life as well as some of the greatest gifts. Some losses have been necessary and freeing, while some have turned my life completely on its head. And even still, I have been pushed and forced to grow in ways I have never imagined. 

This is the first year of my life where I look back and reflect in awe of some of the decisions I've made. In my life, I have sometimes been hesitant to make drastic decisions and instead allowed myself be stagnant and remain in situations far too long. I remember when I went to Mexico with a group of friends six years ago. We decided one day to take an excursion and ride through a part of the town that was undeveloped and wild. We stopped at a cliff and one by one people jumped off the cliff into the water below. I debated back and forth about taking the leap because it was not something I would normally do. I almost didn't do it until my best friend joined me on the edge. Although it may seem small I am still surprised that I attempted something so dangerous and out of my comfort zone. I feel that 2016 has been a year full of those leaps. 

I know that 2016 has been such a difficult year for so many especially in light of the recent election. It's amazing to look back on such a difficult year and understand that although it was challenging, it was necessary. I am so excited to see where 2017 takes me professionally, personally and with this blog. 

Thank you all so much for reading this blog and taking the time to visit me in my little corner on the internet. 

Have a safe and happy new year!