I love to shop at a range of retailers from very expensive to very inexpensive. As I get older, I have started developing a strategy for picking the very best items from fast fashion retailers such as forever 21 and Zara. With the right pieces, you can build your wardrobe to be the perfect mix of high and low. Here are 5 ways to make your cheap pieces look expensive: 

1) Tailoring: I have mentioned the importance of tailoring on the blog before. Having your clothes fit well is very important and will make your clothes instantly look more expensive. I typically use a tailor in the mall where I like to shop and will often take newly purchased clothes there immediately after purchase. They even have a 1-hour option so I can pick up my clothes before leaving. Also, here is an unknown fact (maybe), higher priced retailers such as J.Crew often use these same mall tailors for their tailoring. 

2) The Washer & Dryer is Not Your Friend: Instead of the washer and dryer, use a steamer instead. I have recently invested in a great steamer and it has changed my life. If you must wash your clothing, follow the instructions to a T. For example, for the dress I wore yesterday, I will hand wash in cold water and air dry. If there are any wrinkles, I will steam it. Another tip I received from a coworker, if you have any wrinkles in your item, throw it in the dryer for 15 seconds with a damp cloth and the wrinkles will be gone! How you wash your items will determine their longevity. 

3) Keep it Simple: The simpler the better. It is tempting to purchase items with a lot of embellishments but when purchasing, keep it simple. Skip distressed denim or bejeweled items. These items may be harder to pull off on a budget. 

4) Buy Multiples: Whenever I find an item I really like, I purchase two or three of it since the price is so low. If I find the perfect white t-shirt, I will purchase more than one. I still make out like a bandit, and I can avoid the inevitable wear and tear. If you find an item you know you will wear several times, like my white t-shirt example for instance, buy more than one. 

5) Undergarmets: Rayon and acrylic dominate cheap fashion. Unfortunately, the fabrics can be very unforgiving and flimsy. This is wear great undergarments come into play. Visible bra lines and panty lines instantly make your outfit look less expensive. With the money you save on your clothes, invest in a very good bra, lightweight shape wear, or a slip.  


Hope these tips were helpful. Have a great Tuesday!