Raspberry Cocktail

I'm a lover of to do list (see my list from fall here). Even though Fall is my favorite season, Spring comes in a close second. Although everyone makes their resolutions during the new year, I like to make significant changes in the Spring. The season brings thoughts of growth and renewal. I mean Spring cleaning is my absolute favorite ritual. I'm more inclined to throw things out that I don't need, be more active, and try new things. So, here is my to do list for this season. I hope I get through it all! 

Spring To Do List: 

1. Organize my closet (literally on any and every list I make)
2. Get an iPhone (my bf makes fun of my Blackberry incessantly. Plus, I want instagram)
3. Run 3 times a week 
4. Design another blogger's blog 
5. Make pizza dough from scratch 
6. Change out a few of my picture frames 
7. Play in a tennis tournament 
8. Become more involved in local professional groups 
9. Pick out the perfect 1st birthday gift for my baby cousin 
10. Go on a vacay