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{ my favorite spring beauty trends }

My favorite polish in middle school was anything pastel. What's old is new again. Pastel polish is a more fun version of neutral nails and make you look super tan. Perfect for spring.

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When it comes to makeup this spring, I can't wait to wear bright lipstick and gloss! I have to admit I already am. Bright fuchsias, corals, and oranges are at the top of my kiss list! 

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I often skip blush in the fall/winter in favor of my bronzer alone. I can't wait for spring to break out some bold blush for my cheeks. I love bright peaches and corals but I am really excited to try some hot pink! 

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This is my favorite because I have naturally thick (and ridiculously curly) eyebrows. I've never liked the think overly-plucked look, especially on me. So put the tweezers down, pull out the brow pencils, and try this look out for spring! 

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Last but not least, bronzed sun-kissed skin! When warm weather hits, my bronzer is my saving grace. If I could choose only one makeup item to use in a rush, it would be my bronzer with a little dabbed on my forehead, cheeks, and bridge of my nose. Done and done! 

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What Spring makeup trends are you excited to try?