On Sunday, our last full day, we headed out to grab an early brunch. We initially thought about heading back to beachcraft because our meal was so good the night before. I suggested we get brunch at Cecconi's at the Soho Beach House since I've heard such great things. I think it might have been the best brunch I've ever had. First of all, I love a brunch buffet. I mean how can you not love all you can eat brunch? Cecconi's is located in the courtyard of the hotel and was the perfect setting for Sunday brunch. We were so full I didn't think we could eat another meal. 

After brunch, we headed to The Miami Beach Edition hotel to visit the A Bikini A Day "Slice of Paradise" pop up. I had a great time and I got to browse some great brands. I talked to Tash Oakley about my favorite Monday Swimwear and Monday Active pieces. It was great to see the lines in person and see how high quality each piece is. I was introduced to the jewelry line, ByChari and I was able to sample some Caudalie products. I have always heard great things about Caudalie and I purchased the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. The serum is great for hyper pigmentation, is lightweight and smells amazing. 

We decided to get as much beach time as we could since it was our last day. We grabbed our chairs and an umbrella and hung out on the beach for a few hours. One thing I love about Miami is the bright color everywhere! I love the colors of the chairs and umbrellas against the bright blue ocean. Makes for a great photo and just puts me in a cheerful mood. We ended our afternoon by the pool and miraculously (not really) I found myself hungry again after that huge brunch at Cecconi's and ordered some lunch by the pool. 

Outfit details: ASOS metallic bikini, Gap linen boyfriend shirt, Urban Outfitters classic half-frame sunglasses

Our first show of the night was the Seafolly & Maaji show at The Setai Hotel. This show felt like a show at NYFW. It was so crowded and crazy intense. People were pushing and shoving and two cameramen got into a fight right beside us while we were waiting in line and we almost got smacked by a tripod! One thing we realized by Sunday was that there is literally no guarantee a show will start on time. This show started over an hour after it was scheduled to start and we had two more shows we had to make it to. You basically had to take a chance and leave a show early even though there was a chance the other show you want to attend would start late. Once the show started, I got to see a few looks and absolutely loved what I saw. I wished I could've seen more.

We left the Seafolly & Maaji show and headed back to the W to catch the Baes & Bikinis show. We loved the looks and caught a glimpse of the photographers standing in the pool to get the best photos from the show. That's dedication! After the Baes & Bikini's show, we walked to the tent to catch the Indah show, our last show of the night. Out of all the shows during the week, I looked forward to the Indah show the most. I have been a longtime fan of the brand. My favorite suit in college was an Indah suit I stalked online for months. The show was E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Seriously, everything from the hair and makeup, fashion and music were just on point. Everything flowed and told a story. 

I left the Indah show so inspired and exhausted. We went back to our hotel and ordered pizza from the concierge's personal fave pizza place and immediately fell asleep. We woke up with cancelled flights and I think I secretly hoped we could stay another day in Miami. It is truly one of my favorite cities. 




Until Swim Week '18!