I've mentioned a few times on the blog how I've become more focused on skincare after turning 30. One new thing I've implemented is a nighttime skincare routine. I never applied any product to my skin before bed and I certainly didn't have any sort of "routine." When Tree Hut reached out to me, I jumped at the chance to create a skincare routine using their products! I want to make sure I'm aware of what I'm putting on my skin and to make sure I'm using organic products whenever possible. Tree Hut products use natural ingredients sourced from around the world.  

Thanks to Tree Hut, I now have the perfect, simple step-by-step process and my skin has never looked better. I'm sharing my routine below. Check out how I use Tree Hut before bed: 

Step 1: First, I exfoliate with Tree Hut's Refining Rose Polishing Facial Scrub. I love this scrub! It gently exfoliates while also hydrating and softening my skin. I've tried some scrubs that are too harsh and leave my skin red and dry. Rose has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help calm the skin and aloe soothes and helps reduce redness and inflammation. Coconut Oil naturally moisturizes and restores dry skin. 

Step 2: Next, I apply Tree Hut's Renewing Night Cream. This cream is rich but not greasy. I love that it moisturizes and improves skin elasticity while I sleep. We aren't getting any younger! This cream was also very lightweight and I felt like there was nothing on my skin. Ingredients like Chamomile and Sea Buckthorn help rejuvenate, soothe and improve skin's texture. 

Step 3: Last, I apply Tree Hut's Hydrating Overnight Mask. One issue I have this time of year is dry skin. Sometimes it looks as if my whole faces is flaking! It is very important for me to use products that keep my skin hydrated. This mask is the perfect addition to my routine. It soothes, refreshes and hydrates my skin and I wake up glowing in the morning! I was worried that my skin would be dry in the morning since the products I used were so lightweight. I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up and it looked like I had already put on moisturizer! I've been using Tree Hut for a week now and I have noticed such an improvement in my skin. I am excited to see my results after the next few weeks! 


Thank you to Tree Hut for sponsoring this post!