I wrote on the blog a few months ago about how I didn't make any new years' resolutions this year. Usually I make resolutions (the same ones) each year. But, the past few years I realized that I would pretty much abandon any resolutions by spring. This year I decided to do something different and there were many factors which led me to this conclusion. 2015 was one of the most difficult years of my life. In fact, I would say it was one of the worst for several different reasons. By the end of the year I was completely drained and feeling like a shell of my former self. I had gone to the gym and cooked a handful of times. I was so stressed out the majority of the year I never had energy to do either one. Little did I realize, the lack of an outlet and healthy lifestyle made matters worse.

In December of last year, I decided to rid my life of anything toxic and recommit myself to going to the gym. I refused to go into 2016 with the same stress. I started back at the gym at the beginning of February and made a goal of going to classes 2-3 times a week. I was surprised how easy it was to get back into the swing of things. Instead of the 2-3 times a week goal, I was going 4-5 times a week. My diet was harder for me. Throughout my life, I have been very active. I have loved the gym and and being active (like playing tennis and flag football) but having a good meal is one of my favorite indulgences. I am all having dinner or brunch with my friends and I live for trying new restaurants. 

In February I decided to hire a trainer to help me be more accountable with my diet and to push me to the limit with my exercise. I started a 6 week program with a trainer at my gym and it is the best decision I ever made! Our workouts are intense but he also keeps me on track with my dieting. Plus, he has me text him my weight in the morning, at night and after every major exercise. He also made me cut out red meat, pork, bread, rice and pasta (basically every food that makes life worth living). I have never cut these foods out in my life so I was super dramatic about cutting them out. Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I thought thanks to the encouragement of my trainer. 

Here are some changes I've made since starting Chris' the 6 week program: 

1. Water, water, water: My trainer makes us drink a gallon of water a day. I've never been mindful of the amount of water I'm drinking. I never hated drinking water; but, I also never made an effort to drink much of it during the day. Add to that a sweet tea addition and I really wasn't drinking enough water each day. Now, I am getting in half a gallon of water a day, at least. 

2. Eating in: Since I've had to cut out red meat, pork, rice, pasta and bread, I just find it's easier to make my own meals at home. I usually eat chicken with a salad or steamed veggie on the side. It's super simple and I know it will be healthy and the right portion size. Restaurants always have such large portions. You never really notice until you go out for a meal after eating at home for a few weeks. 

3. Switching it up: I can get bored so easily. I try to incorporate fitness whenever I can. With the 6 week program, we meet twice a week. The other nights I go to a boxing class and recently, my trainer has started sending morning exercises that I can do so I can get two workouts in some days. Now that it's warming up outside, I'm excited to start playing tennis again and running outside! 

My trainer gave me a workout to share with you below. This is something we would typically do during a session followed by core work! 

Chris' 30//30//30 Workout

3 min - jump rope 

30 burpees 

30 push-ups 

30 squats

30 up-downs

30 sit-ups

3 min - slam ball

20 burpees

20 push-ups 

20 squats 

20 up-downs 

20 sit-ups

3 min - jump rope 

10 burpees 

10 push-ups 

10 squats 

10 up-downs 

10 sit-ups

One thing I can't live without is my ratchet "Sweat" playlist. It keeps growing as I discover more songs. I've shared it with so many friends and they love it too!