Lately my life has felt like a whirlwind! I've had so many crazy changes and new adventures. I feel like by the end of the day the last thing I want to do is blog. Now that things seem to be leveling out, I am excited to get back to posting regularly! I wanted to share some recent snapshots with you to see what I've been up to and what I've been wearing: 

1. My mom dyed my hair! I'm usually very conservative when it comes to my hair and the most I usually do is cut it into a bob or get bangs. I decided I wanted to get some color and sent my mom some pics and I love how it came out! If you are in the NC area, you should check out my mom at 329 PM Hair Studio. 

2. I went to CIAA with one of my good friends and we attended the Literary Experience event on Saturday. I wore this suit from ASOS (blazer & pants). I can wear both pieces to work which you all know I am happy about. 

3. I recently got a personal trainer and he has me on a strict diet and crazy exercise schedule. I had to have a cheat meal though. I can't resist chicken and waffles. Bricktops in Charlotte has the best! 

4. I've been out in California on business the past few days and I had to finally try Lemonade. I've never been but all my Cali friends love it. My food was so good and I love that you can get healthy options but sneak in a treat (like my red velvet cupcake!)

5. My view for the week. California is so beautiful :) 

6. Speaking of cheat meals and treats (see a theme?) I tried a Sprinkles sundae and it was so freaking sweet considering I've been eating so healthy lately. I could barely finish it but it was so good. 

7. I went with a friend to a recent event at Saks in Raleigh. We walked around and browsed a bit and it made me so excited for spring to see the new arrivals. 

8. I hate, hate, hate checking bags when I travel. I have such bad luck with my luggage. I'm starting to get packing my carry down to a science. It can be extra frustrating when packing for a business trip. I'll be posting my tips on packing for business trips on the blog soon! 

9. Out with brunch with a friend. I love this bodysuit I recently got from ASOS. I also am obsessed with these high waist ASOS trousers. Since I've been working with my personal trainer, ordering clothes have been hit or miss because now I don't really know what size to get. I had to get everything I recently ordered taken in (not complaining though!) Wore this outfit with my ASOS Paige heels but since they are sold out, there are similar options here, here and here