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This is the first year that I didn't set any New Year's resolutions. My 30th birthday in October is partly to blame. After I turned 30 I set a list of goals to accomplish over the next decade of my life. One of those goals is to take better care of my skin. I am blessed to have pretty good skin. I never dealt with acne or much discoloration. I remove my makeup at night, wear sunscreen and avoid wearing makeup unless I feel it's absolutely necessary to let my skin breath! While I have people say I look younger than 30, I know that time can sneak up on you at any time. I want to ensure my skin stays young-looking for years to come! While I am on the search for a great esthetician, I want to make sure I have a great at-home regimen. I've tried a few sheet masks and I find that they are a great, affordable (sometimes!) option. Next on my list is the Dr. Jart+ mask since it has received several beauty awards and is so inexpensive.