A few days ago I uploaded a new video focusing on building your work wardrobe. As a newly graduated law student fresh from bar prep, I entered the work force with little to no wardrobe dedicated to my work life. I also worked as a contract attorney so I didn't want to spend a lot of my money on my work wardrobe in case I went weeks without an active project. I had to be resourceful and creative. I also quickly learned which items were worth the investment and which items were not. For this youtube video I have picked 10 clothing items: 

1. A button-up blouse/shirt, 2. A structured top,  3. A lightweight sweater, 4. A pencil skirt, 5. A pair of ankle-length pants, 6. A pair of wide leg trousers, 7. A sheath dress, 8. A blazer, 9. A cropped jacket, and 10. A trench coat

I have also picked two shoes that will get a lot of wear, 1. a pair of ballet flats and 2. a pair of classic pumps. 

I've included links on youtube as well! Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for future videos!